Staying Motivated While Pursuing A Degree Online

You will run into many obstacles during your pursuit for higher education, so it is of the utmost importance to stay focused and motivated throughout your journey for a College Degree Online. Motivation is the key to your success in earning your degree online, because unlike in the physical school world where you are surrounded by the people in your class which may help in pushing you to do work, in the online world it’s you and only you who is physically there to make things happen.

If you find you are missing deadlines or falling behind in online class discussions or projects you have to find out the cause of this. Are you devoting enough time to your school work? Do you understand the material enough?

Tips for staying motivated:

  1. Talk to someone (spouse, parent, friend, teacher, classmate) about what you are doing and trying to accomplish and where you may be stuck, sometimes bouncing ideas of other people helps you refocus and see things differently
  2. Always have clearly set Goals AND reward yourself when you make progress / reach a goal that you have set go grab a couple beers with a buddy, hit the movies or go buy yourself something nice.
  3. Add some variety to your studies. Do not setup 2-3 hour long study sessions, for every hour of work you do you should take at least a fifteen minute break in which you do something completely different online or off.
  4. Simplify your surroundings, get rid of clutter so you can focus on the task at hand. Keep yourself organized.
  5. If you have a big task / project to complete, break it down into as many small pieces as possible. From there break it into groups of small related tasks and do one thing at a time and always be sure to try and do the most difficult tasks first.

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Ask yourself, what’s the most important thing I should be working on right now? And why am I not working on it? Sometimes you just need to kick yourself in the butt and get down to business. Stop wasting time reading blogs or forums or chatting with your buddies on IM because doing these things will not help you make progress. Finally, once you find some way to motivate yourself, remember it and use it consistently.