Review of The Break-Up Artist Part 2

They are just in relationships so they can say they are in a relationship. I am sure we all thought some of those things when we were in high school. she is surrounded by couples and the consensus of those around her feel that if you are not in a relationship, you have got nothing. At least, that is what she sees, how she views things. And that is why she agrees to break up couples.

I am not okay with any of that, but I get it. I could appreciate the naivety of it all. I am 26 and I most definitely do not have love figured out so I am not trying to rally against that. But I do not think that is what high school is all about and I think it is a detriment to the book that there is not more development of the other aspects of the story (like friendship or the dance team or even academics anything really).

Whats sticking in my craw is the whole point of the book. The main story arch behind this book is that Becca gets hired by this man, a grown man, to break up the most popular couple in school. Because contacting a teenager and offering her $300 to break up some other teenagers is a totally normal thing for a man to do.

And why does he do it? Because the male half of this gag-worthy couple, Steve, is throwing away the opportunity to go to school on a football scholarship so he can stay in town with his girlfriend (who has another year of high school) and be near her. The man, who is not even Steve’s dad, thinks Steve is whipped, that Huxley is ruining his life, etc.

So Becca agrees. She had a falling out with Huxley in middle school (because Huxley discovered boys, namely, Steve) and this is the perfect opportunity to get back at her. The book moves along at an okay pace and we get to see some of the schemes Becca devices to break up Steve and Huxley. But things aren’t moving fast enough for this gentleman who calls himself Mr. Towne. Because Becca is actually becoming friends with Huxley. And we see her feel a little bit of remorse for what she is doing.