Online Programs vs. On-Campus Programs

It Will Look Impressive on Your Resume

While there is still some stigma attached to online schools, a graduate degree from a campus-based school will definitely help your resume shine. Employers like to see that candidates have developed and improved their skills beyond the undergraduate level, and a master’s degree demonstrates exactly this. While an employer may question the validity of an online master’s degree, you’re more likely to be met with interest and praise if your graduate degree is attained at a brick and mortar school. A graduate degree can help you break into competitive jobs and even switch careers, and as a result can majorly enhance your resume.

You’ll Have Many Networking Opportunities

Graduate school isn’t just about studying, it also provides an important and valuable opportunity to network and build useful contacts you can call upon for future reference. Most on campus graduate schools have a career center as well as hold various networking and mixer events, all of which provide fantastic opportunities to network and build contacts with other people from your field of interest. If you have to give up your job to attend a brick-and-mortar graduate school, you can be rest assured that this doesn’t mean you have to lose professional networking opportunities, as your program will allow you to meet both upcoming and prestigious professionals in your field.

You Can Immerse Yourself in Your Study

If you’re attending graduate school purely on an academic basis, such as for pleasure or because you want to become a professor, then you’ll likely get a lot more out of attending an on campus program than an online one. At an on campus graduate school, you get to completely immerse yourself in academia, and be physically surrounded by academic peers and educators who share your passion. If you do want to enter academia, you’ll also be much more exposed to useful connections (who can come in handy when you’re in need of letters of recommendation or an in t0 your dream job) by attending an in person program.


They’re Expensive

Attending a graduate program at a brick and mortar school is likely to be very expensive, even if you study at a local state school. Unless, you’re fortunate enough to receive a grant or a scholarship, you will more than likely have to shell out big bucks to pay for your graduate education. This is where studying at an online school really has its advantage, as you can save literally thousands upon thousands of dollars from choosing the online route.