Before Writing An Essay

I certainly hope this is going to be useful for you when you’re preparing and writing and then revising your essays for your business papers so we’re going to begin by looking at what an essay consists of and then we’re going to take you through the different steps that you’ll need to follow when you’re actually preparing your own essays and I’d recommend perhaps that you have a look through the homeless presentation thinking about how it’s going to be useful for your own work your own questions and then you’re welcome to return to different parts as you’re actually going through the process yourself.

So what is an essay well an essay is a short written composition but very often short in this case means perhaps sometimes 1000 words 1500 2000 2500 so you’ll need to check your word limit and to find out how flexible that word limit might be but in any case it’s relatively short and it’s on a single subject so it’s very important to address the question and that’s what we’ll be looking at today and in addition an essay is expected to present personal views of the author informed by experience by theory and by reading on subject so we’re going to look at seven different steps involved in writing high-quality essays that you visiting the first step obviously is to analyze the question and to be honest this is where the majority of students go wrong right from the beginning because they don’t spend enough time looking at the question we’re going to spend a bit of time on that and in addition we do have another presentation from the student learning center on analyzing the question which you might find useful to have a look at then in the second step we’ll be looking at the research involved in preparing your ideas for the essay the third part is a thesis statement after that we’ll be looking at the organization of the essay.

Step 5 we’re going to have a look at drafting step 6 a reminder about the usefulness of feedback after your first draft and then in part 7 we’re going to have a look at the revision stage and in our part 7 we’ve included some useful questions in a checklist that going to help you take a fresh look at the work that you’ve been doing on your essay so in step 1 let’s look briefly at how you can analyze your assignment before you begin your research before you begin your drafting and time spent here is a real investment that’s going to help you to do high-quality research relevant research and to avoid wasting your time so when you have a look at your assignment it’s important for you to locate the task words in the question make sure you really understand what those tasks are and then identify what are the key questions you need to think about find out about and express opinions about in your essay so task words some of the common tasks words you find are analyze evaluate explain how in other words cause and effect or process explain why compare and contrast and discuss define describe and in fact those D words are extremely common and we’ll be including some example questions with those words.